Alpha Kappa Psi - Rush

The Rush Process

Joining AKPsi


On behalf of the brotherhood, welcome to the 2017 Fall Rush of the University of Virginia’s chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi, the world’s largest and nation’s premier co-ed business fraternity. We are excited to get to know each one of you and hope you will join us for our open rush events. Alpha Kappa Psi is an organization of life-long friends & highly esteemed individuals all with a common interest in business; we invite you to begin the process in joining our brotherhood.


Anjali Khanna & Brendin Duckett


RUSH INFO SESSION 9/4 @ 6:30 PM Rouss Robertson Hall 116

RUSH INFO SESSION 9/6 @ 6:30 PM Rouss Robertson Hall 116

RUSH INFO SESSION 9/7 @ 6 PM Rouss Robertson Hall 118

SPEED NETWORKING 9/12 @ 6 PM Rouss Robertson Hall 403

COFFEE CHATS 9/8-9/12 @ Various Times and Locations

Please only sign up for only one time slot and submit your contact info through the link on the sheet.



Rush is our formal two week recruiting process where the brothers are just trying to get to know you and determine whether AKPsi is the best place for you. Through the information sessions, we hope you get a sense of what our brotherhood is all about. Even though it can seem intimidating at first, don’t forget that at one point we all were rushees just like you, and every brother would attest that they were glad that they came out and rushed.

What kind of people is Alpha Kappa Psi looking for?

Our ideal rushees are highly motivated, passionate, intelligent candidates with an interest in pursuing a career in business. We look for individuals who have had academic success in the past, but also for those who possess the potential to be leaders in the future. Most importantly, we look for individuals who have desire to learn from current brothers and contribute back to the brotherhood.

Do I have to be a Commerce major to rush?

No. While AKPsi is a professional business fraternity, we are very open-minded and are receptive to students from all major programs. Our diverse ranks include brothers in engineering, mathematics, politics, language and just about every other major program.

Do I have to attend every single rush event?

No. You do not have to attend every single rush event. You can attend one of three the information sessions that will give a background about our fraternity and the rush process. Attendance at the mixer and invitation-only lawn social is mandatory unless you have a conflict, in which case you need to inform the rush chairs beforehand. The more chances you have to interact with our brothers, the more likely it is you will leave a lasting impression.

Can I pledge another fraternity/sorority in addition to Alpha Kappa Psi?

Yes. You are welcome to pledge other fraternities/sororities as long as they are not business-oriented. However, we do not recommend pledging two fraternities in the same semester.

If I am not given a bid can I rush again?

Yes. Past rushees are encouraged to rush again if they truly want to join AKPsi. It reflects well on an individual if he/she is willing to put in the time to go through the rush process more than once. In fact, many of our brothers received bids the second or third time they rushed.

Do you have any recommendations for rushing?

You should meet as many brothers as you can and ask brothers any questions you may have. Remember that we are a professional business fraternity – take care in presenting yourself at all functions and via all channels of communication. First impressions are critical in business.

What is the pledge process like?

The pledge process is designed to develop your personal and professional skills. You will be involved in organizing various social, professional and service events and given the opportunity to network and hone your leadership abilities. Most importantly, you will have a great time interacting with the brothers and forming life long bonds with a great group of people!

Why aren’t first-years allowed to rush during their first semester?

The University encourages “the first-year experience” and believes first-year students need time to adjust to college life without the time commitment of joining the organizations in their first semester. It is important for first-year students to focus on academic achievement, making friends, getting settled into college life, and to begin to make decisions about what types of student organizations they will want to become involved in while at the University (Taken from the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life FAQ). We encourage you to join our info sessions this semester and welcome you in the Spring.